On/off-relationships…the needles

It might occur that I don’t show my finished objects at the moment. Knitwise this is correct. „I have planned something special down here at Socklane this evening“: I started my own Midsommar Box o‘ Sox KAL. I will keep  all the socks I knit from the beginning of the year stored in one big project bag – and on Midsommar’s day, I will gift them to me all at once! Isn’t that a self-indulgent-project par exellence? Socks get knit here all the time as a side dish- I always have at least one pair on the needles. So why not cast on all the socks you want, knit along without rules or boundaries, store them away…maybe even forget about them and than B A M! All of a sudden you get several new handknit socks for yourself just as if your Granny would have sent you are care package so that you won’t get cold feet because WINTER IS COMING.

Best thing about it in my case: I knit through my stash. I luxuriate in all those fantabulous skeins I aquired during my 2016 indie shopping experience and cast on those that tell me they want to become socks. Then I work through all my sock knitting books and magazines and choose different models, different techniques- some might even be far off my usual sock knitting comfort zone. I don’t care how long they take me. I have six months to go and however many will be finished until Midsommar’s day- they are a gift. From me, myself and I to myself, me and I. Here is a sneak peak:


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