1. What took you so long ? Comeback !

imageThe moment I closed this blog in 2015 I bowed out without any regrets- and I did not reckon to return for a second piece of cake. I wandered to check other opportunities, my favourite places being those of instant cyber satisfaction- instagram and facebook. Now let me tell you something: facebook isn’t THAT bad- its banalities have their charme and I have to admit that I personally met some of the most creative folks over there. I would not want to miss it- but there isn’t enough room for displaying your ideas, visions, fails and successes- this was more easier on instagram- where I found a creative community partly consisting of those I got to know via facebook and some international crowd of fibre- and colour- fanatic creative people. Instagram is for the visional kind of communication and perception- less cat content, more food but also more works in progress and really good and inspirational stuff for the fibre enthusiast. Both media have in common that there is immediate response and the threshold for entries is much lower than with commenting in a blog-  one reason for that might be that the mobile devices display instagram feeds faster than they do with blog feeds. It is easier to flip through a timeline than hopping from blog to blog. Feeling warm and comfortable there and developping really amazing cyberrelations- instagram changed its policy and started presenting MY timeline according to THEIR algorythms- they wanted to make the decisions about what I would want to see and by whom I could be seen. So first step was to look for an alternative in social media- I tried ello  and I wasn’t all too happy. But it’s in beta- mode so I will see what happens. In my stoneage -brain I tend to be persistant and give a new thing several months bevore I give up on it. But expecting people beeing people it won’t be long before ello will not only be successful but also prey for the moneymakers and therefore presumably will also start to change policies and milk the users. Only thing to prevent beeing pushed is to have your own place- I already had it out here. So why not put some effort into renovating and making new friendships with old neighbours? Repainting the Tardis. That is what will happen here. I hope that you as my readers – if I will ever gather back some of my old readers and get new ones into that part of the multiverse, will reach out to me here in the comments, via instagram, facebook and ello or via email: fadenwerkerin@quantentunnel.de. …I would love to interlock cyberworld and real world- sometimes it is hard to tell wich one is wich one.

Some changes will take place. image


on the needles : All about the Works In Progress ( WIP)’s will get their epic coverage.img_0055

off the needles: It’s all about the Fo-show ( FO= finished Object).img_0054

needle adjacent: All I plan to do needleworkwise, all the things I plan but do not  neccessarily realize.

don’t blink– as the first three are pretty self-explaining, this one might not be equally obvious. It is DW-related in that way that I will extend my blog contentBigger_on_the_Inside. It’s bigger on the inside- when you start reading regularly you will not only find fibre content but also something about the things I read, listen and watch. (I do not watch TV- but I like me some good series on those pay-tv-channels. Yes, the past year turned me into a media-snob somehow.)  Some new yet old issues have ocurred hobby wise, so there might be articles that aren’t fibre related at at all. And YES…there might also be cat content. In the blink of an eye I might change the subject- so: Don’t blink!



allons-y – and again, there he is- THE DOCTOR.  I liked it the moment the 10th Doctor used it. In this category I will display my gift of enabling- fibre-related or not. I will put links to where I found my latest object of fondness and share my field test experiences with you.

Spin Bin- in this category I will talk about all the spinning- wether I talk about what is on my hand spindles or on my wheel. This category will cover fibre, fibre prep, spinning, plying, learning new techniques and mending the tools, all that is spinning-related in some sense.

one hook at a time will cover all the crochet although my focus is on knitting- BUT: I like to take short excursions in the world of crochet and tunesian crochet- many things happen there, design- and constructionwise. So this field of needlework attracts me far more often than in the past ten years.


So come see me!




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