Yay, long time no knit- it seemed like that.

But now, after having checked the relation between hubby’s sock drawer ( 4 pairs of handknitted) and my (37 pairs of handknitted) sock- BASKET I decided to concentrate on male socks. The first pair was finished  a while ago, I guess about 3 weeks ago. It’s knitted toe up oon 2,5mm Addi Lace needles with magic loop out of Regia Random Stripe Sock Yarn in one of the Kaffee Fassett colourways.imageThe pattern is one I chose out of my oldest stitch dictionaries and it is a simple diagonal ribs pattern- my husband insists that only the legs of his socks are patterned for he wears them all day in the office and does not want to risk them itching.

So after discussing to‘ and fro‘ I got permission to use this pattern because I told him  the alternative would be- no patterning- no hand knit socks for I DO NOT WANT TO RISK TO DIE OF BOREDOM. It is a size 41 (EU) and this is how I did it: image


I casted on 5 stitches on a crochet hook, the knitted 4 stitches out of both sides, so that I had 8 stitches sitting on my circular.

Then I closed the round and immediately startet increasing every row: I made one of the second and the second last stitch of every „row“ until I got 20 Stitches on each needle.

Then I went on increasing every other row until I had 26 stitches on each of my magic loop needles ( had I knitted with DPNs it would be 13 stitches per needle).

Then I increased each third row until I got 30 ( i.e. 15 stitches) per needle. Then I started knitting the foot in plain stockinette for 53 rounds. In the 54th round I started to increase one stitch every other round but only between the second last and last stitch  and between the first and second stitch of the „heel“ needle ( i.e.: Second last and last stitch of needle 1 if I had used DPNs and between the first and second stirch of needle 4)- I increased for 10 rounds so that I got 5 additional stitches for the gusset of the inended jojo-heel.Then I did the jojo-heel. After having finished the heel I started the pattern and at the same time started decreasing the 5 gusset stitches opposedly.

The pattern is quiete easy but I  am not so shure that I am to publish it because it is from a commercial dicitionary. It’s a 2/2 rib running diagonally around the leg. I decided to keep one of the gusset stitches per needle and add one stitch at the beginning and at the end of the foot-needle ( i.e. At the beginning of needle 3 and at the end of needle 4), so that I had 32/16 stitches per needle for the leg to make it fit more comfortably- I like the socks beeing quiete tight at the foot but a bit loos at the leg.


I knitted the pattern as high as my husband wanted the leg to be, then added 10 rounds of a simple 1/1 rib and bound off.image image image image


I always cast on two socks at a time but unlike the charming SanditheBlueeweBlanc I do it on two circulars- to knit two socks on one circ would be too much yarn balls for me to handle ;O)


This is the second pair I knitted- this time withoud patterning because it has two yarns involved. The main colour is a Opal  sockyarn wich was already old when I was gifted it by a former friend- I dont have the yarn tag any more- it is with browns and violets and greys wildering very  imageunobtrusively and therefore fit for male knits- the other one is a Regia self striping in browns-I bought it several years ago and I remember that back then paying 8,99 €  for a sock yarn seemed to be Roman decadence to me as a beginner knitter- today I would be happy to enable myself with a nice yarn for 8,99 Euro. It is a ridiculously reasonable price for a good quality sock yarn. I knitted 15 rounds in the Opal colourway and then 3 round in the Regia colourways following the same measure as the other sock for it was also knitted toe up on 2,5 ( EU) needles.My husband loves his socks- he is only complaining that it is takes so long to decide every morning, which pair to wear ….first world problems is all I say….her are some impressions of what hand knits can make people do:




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